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Deivanai Group is a private family owned enterprise based in India. We export quality knitted garments to a broad customer base in USA and Europe. We also manufacture for name brands in India. The group companies have vertically integrated manufacturing facilities from Ring Spinning - Knitting - Dyeing & Finishing - Printing - Embroidery - Cutting & Sewing. The manufacturing facilities are based in and around Tirupur, India. The area is prominent in the textile world for spinning, knitting, weaving & textile machinery manufacturing.


To better serve our customers we have an over-seas marketing office located in Yardley near Philadelphia,USA.

  • DG Garments, India
  • Wagon Wheel Knit Works, India
  • Anusam Knitting Mills, India
  • DG Global, USA
 Deivanai Group Brouchure